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Project Evaluations

"All things can be measured, but only if they are measured can they be controlled."

RWC Technologies has extensive experience in conducting project evaluations in accordance with 

OECD DAC criteria  and guidelines on the Project and Programme Cycle Policy. 



MidTerm Evaluation of the Global Learning, Finance, and Partnerships project under the Restoration Initiative (TRI)

Global project within the framework of the GEF-6 program implemented by FAO, IUCN and UNEP:The Restoration Initiative (TRI), supporting 11 sub-projects in 10 Asian and African countries in restoring and maintaining deforested and degraded critical landscapes to deliver global environmental and livelihood benefits, in support of the Bonn Challenge. The purpose of this evaluation was: to assess the relevance of the project strategy and designTRI Global Child en support the 11 national projects; evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency in achieving the proposed results and inform FAO, IUCN and UNEP what has worked, what has not worked so far and why? to identify any challenges and propose corrective actions as necessary.

Reserva Nacional de Masai Mara Kenia

Final Evaluation of the Project Taking Deforestation out of Commodity Supply Chains

Final evaluations of two projects were carried out simultaneously:  "Reducing Deforestation from Commodity Production” and “Adaptive Management and Learning for the Commodities IAP”, both within the context of the Good Growth Partnership program. For each project, a final report was presented where the results of the project were evaluated in relation to what was expected to be achieved, and the lessons were presented in a webinar shared with all the project stakeholders. 

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