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Our Approach

We apply eight key enabling elements to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of our design:

  1. Systemic Thinking and Theory of Change

  2. Stakeholder Engagement

  3. Integrated Outcomes

  4. Behavior Change

5.Innovation & Policy coherence

6.Scaling Strategies


8.  Learning and Knowledge Management

Playa tropical
Playa tropical

Additionally, we offer specialized services in:

  • Planning and Management of Transboundary Watersheds

  • Climate-Smart Agricultural, Livestock, and Forestry Initiatives

  • Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EbA) Actions

  • Development of Environmental and Social Management Frameworks and Plans aligned with the expectations of various donor agencies

  • Systematic Process for Visualizing a Desired Future and translating that vision into goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them.


We have provided project design services to national governments, international organizations, and multi- and bilateral institutions, covering 40 funded projects in 24 countries.

Our comprehensive approach allows us to address complex environmental and social challenges, ensuring robust and scalable projects that generate lasting benefits.

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