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Mid-Term Project Evaluation: Global Learning, Finance, and Partnerships project under the Restoration Initiative (TRI)

Global project within the framework of the GEF-6 program implemented by FAO, IUCN and UNEP: The Restoration Initiative (TRI), which supports 11 sub-projects in 10 Asian and African countries in the restoration and maintenance of deforested and degraded critical landscapes to generate benefits global environmental and livelihood issues, in support of the Bonn Challenge. The purpose of this evaluation was to: assess the relevance of the TRI Global Child project strategy and design in supporting the 11 national projects; evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency in achieving the proposed results and inform FAO, IUCN and UNEP what has worked, what has not worked so far and why? to identify any challenges and propose corrective actions as necessary.

Reserva Nacional de Masai Mara Kenia

Mid-Term Evaluation (MST) of the Project:
“Supply Chain Approach to Eliminate Mercury in Guyana's Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) Sector:
El Dorado Gold Jewelry – Made in Guyana”

AAE team leader for Conservation International.

Objective: To determine the initial effectiveness of a value chain upgrading strategy in helping Guyana become a mercury-free mining by 2025 according to GEF monitoring and evaluation guidelines.


Integrated productive landscapes project through land use planning, restoration and sustainable intensification of rice in Yaque and Yuna

Technical design and management support of the proposal to a GEF-WB-GoDR team.

Objective: Climate adaptation through integrated land and water management, biodiversity conservation, and water conservation in rice production systems in the Yuna River basin.


Project for the Sustainable Management of the Amazon Landscape

Project Management and Effectiveness Analysis, EPA for Conservation International. Report to define adaptive management adjustments and learning in the GEF/World Bank/Government of Brazil initiative to support biodiversity and adaptation to climate change in the Amazon Basin.


Director of the Artibonite River Basin Binational Management Project; Dominican Republic and Haiti;
Oxfam Quebec/UNDP
Government of Haiti/Government of the Dominican Republic

All fiduciary, project implementation and monitoring and evaluation processes with supervision and management of personnel for two national teams and national and international consultants.


Analysis of Economic Costs e Incrementales 
for the Project for the Reorganization of the Dominican System of Protected Areas of the GEF/UNDP

Dominican Republic

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Analysis of environmental prospects for obtaining second level permits GoldQuest Mining Corporation

GoldQuest Dominicana Corporate Responsibility Manager. in charge of developing the components for the environmental and social impact analysis (ESIA) in accordance with the IFC safeguards.


Final Evaluation of the Taking Deforestation out of Commodity Supply Chains Project

Final evaluations of two projects were carried out simultaneously:  "Reducing Deforestation from Commodity Production” and “Adaptive Management and Learning for the Commodities IAP”, both within the context of the Good Growth Partnership program. For each project, a final report was presented where the results of the project were evaluated in relation to what was expected to be achieved, and the lessons were presented in a webinar shared with all the project stakeholders


Strengthening Regional Climate Resilience Through Ecosystem-Based Adaptation: Coastal Restoration and Enhanced Livelihoods in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Antigua and Barbuda

Principal designer of the project in charge of preparing the project document and annexes for INTEC-OHI- Oracabessa Foundation - UNEP/WCMC Adaptation based on ecosystems/Caribbean Biodiversity Fund.


Policy analysis of the Blue Economy of the Dominican Republic

Conduct a multi-sector analysis on the value of the coastal and marine economy, threats and environmental impacts.  Support to the Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy Global Practice of the World Bank, LCR Team (SLCEN) and liaison with members of the government through the ministries in the Dominican Republic 


Resilient agriculture project and integrated management of water resources.

World Bank project appraisal document (PAD 2582) and negotiation of a US$80 million loan for climate-smart agriculture; potable water, dam and irrigation infrastructure; water efficiency; legislation and governance at the basin level and knowledge management in the two priority hydrographic basins of the Dominican Republic: El Yaque del Norte and the Ozama River.

Las manos en el suelo

Emergency Response to the 2015 El Niño Drought and Food Security in the Border Region between the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Project Design for International Plan for the EU/ECHO 2016 funding cycle


GEF Multi-Country Capacity Building to Combat Drought and Desertification

Main consultant in project design.

Objective: Build institutional capacities in 5 Central Asian countries to support decision-making on sustainable land management and the integration of policies into sub-regional and national decision-making structures, in line with the frameworks of UNCCD national programming: GIZ/UNDP/ADB/FAO


Global/regional support to least developed countries and small island developing states (SIDs) GEF-UNDP

Consultant to support the development of several projects in: Guyana, Suriname, Belize, Jamaica, Trinidad-Tobago, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Samoa and Tunisia. 

Project of the OP=15 portfolio of the GEF (Land Degradation and Desertification) aimed at developing systematic, institutional and individual capacities; integration of national policies; and resource mobilization to support national action plans under the UNCCD.

Design of 7 GEF mid-size project proposals for portfolio funding.

Facilitate regional workshops to train international representatives in project format, incremental cost analysis techniques, and use of UNDP monitoring and evaluation tools.

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