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From decentralized solutions to large-scale plants, we offer cost-effective desalination solutions for potable and industrial water needs.


Drinking Water Desalination

Providing potable water to island populations and remote communities presents special challenges. In locations where local water sources are limited or unfit for consumption, advanced membrane-based technologies can be applied to treat and desalinate seawater or brackish groundwater. Fluence has extensive experience developing and delivering water treatment plants to meet these needs.


Fluence desalination systems produce potable water from a wide variety of sources and can be custom designed to accommodate different feedwater characteristics and desired final water quality. Our solutions can also be based on our state-of-the-art pre-engineered NIROBOX™ systems, the most advanced technology for decentralized and sustainable desalination.

Desalinizacion Agua Potable

Images courtesy of Fluence Corporation

Benefits of Decentralized Desalination


For example, at the high-end resort Reserva Conchal in Costa Rica, a small decentralized desalination plant — comprised of three NIROBOX™ Fluence Smart Packaged units — is hidden just out of sight on a small plot of land in the surrounding jungle. Fluence includes smart intake and discharge with its desalination units to minimize the impact on the environment.


NIROBOX™ Smart Packaged Water Solutions,

State-of-the-art treatment technologies in standard containers,  designed to supply high-quality process or drinking water at the lowest possible cost. NIROBOX units are available for the desalination of sea and brackish water, as well as for the treatment of fresh water. These self-installing modular systems can be deployed anywhere in the world in just a few months, and multiple units can be used together to increase capacity.

Small to medium scale decentralized desalination plants can more easily be located directly adjacent to the demand, minimizing pipeline construction.




Creation of Seawater Desalination Systems with Pre-Designed Building Blocks. 

NIROFLEX TM is a family of pre-treatment and reverse osmosis (RO) building blocks pre-engineered for cost-effective seawater desalination systems. The delivery and implementation of NIROFLEX is done quickly and efficiently, allowing customers to quickly and economically build a desalination plant that meets their capacity and water quality requirements. A NIROFLEX system can supply from 25,000 GPD to 4 MGD (100 m³/d to 15,000 m³/d) of fresh water from various seawater inlet sources.

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Images courtesy of Fluence Corporation

Marina y Paseo Marítimo


Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO)

Our seawater desalination systems are equipped with advanced work exchangers, energy recovery devices (ERDs), high-efficiency positive displacement pumps, and variable frequency drives (VFDs) on all motors, resulting in the least energy consumption in industry.


Brine Management

Our high recovery systems reduce the need for brine disposal and maximize permeate production in the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner. Fluence has been actively developing technical solutions for brine concentration with the goal of minimizing discharge costs and environmental footprint.


We offer a variety of brine reduction technologies selected to fit customer needs and constraints, including high recovery rate reverse osmosis, evaporation ponds, thermal brine concentration and  zero liquid discharge (ZLD)


  • Membranes with nanoparticles and composite materials

  • Duplex and super duplex high pressure pipes and fittings

  • Fully automatic control and monitoring

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