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To meet a growing demand for clean, good quality water, we offer a complete desalination, water treatment, effluent, and reuse solution for hotels, resorts, industrial parks, real estate developments, and municipalities.

  • decentralized

  • Efficient 

  • Modular

  • scalable

  • Profitable

  • automated

  • Financing available

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  • Low impact footprint

  • no noise generation

  • no odors

  • scalable

  • circular economy

Images courtesy of Fluence Corporation


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It is a state-of-the-art plug-and-play water treatment plant in standard 40-foot containers for brackish and seawater desalination, as well as surface water treatment. 



  • a self-contained desalination system housed in a standard container

  • minimal infrastructure and installation

  • each stand-alone unit can be built to produce up to 1,500 cubic meters of clean water per day, scalable

  • flexible solution

  • treats seawater and brackish water with minimal use of chemicals

  • low power consumption optimized for long-term high-level performance

  •  minimum maintenance

  • remote monitoring that eliminates the need for specialized personnel on site

Treatment Plants in Containers

Tratamientos en Contenedores

Images courtesy of Fluence Corporation


Fluence's decentralized desalination technologies are highly efficient, delivering potable or process water wherever it's needed.

Images courtesy of Fluence Corporation


Effluent Treatments from start to finish

Fluence has solutions that work together for every step of the treatment process.

  • Packaged Biological Treatment: Aspiral™ L1 to L5 models process effluents efficiently and with high nutrient removal. Individual capacities start at 20 m³/d.

  • Packaged secondary clarifiers are housed in standard 20 foot shipping containers.

  • Packaged MBR is housed in standard 20-foot shipping containers.

  • Packaged ancillary equipment is available for additional treatment and processing.

Aspiral L.jpg

Images courtesy of Fluence Corporation

Tratamientos Efluentes

Containerized Water Reuse Systems

Fluence can deliver containerized systems for reuse worldwide, including our NIROBOX™ and EcoBox™ product lines, which provide easy-to-deploy solutions in standard 40-size containers.

  • The Nirobox WW model is a membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment plant for effluent reuse.

  • TheEcoboxIt is a tertiary treatment equipment that includes pretreatment, UF, RO, advanced oxidation, and disinfection.

The plants are fully automated and are controlled by an intelligent operation system, which allows real-time monitoring and response and optimization of operating costs.

Sistemas de Reuso
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