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We offer solutions for the complete water cycle. 

As representatives of Fluence Corporation Limitedleader in water treatment, desalination, effluent treatment and reuse technologies, we offer solutions from mobile systems that can be added to existing systems to municipal solutions to convert wastewater treatment systems into new water sources for agricultural or industrial development or to ensure safe discharge to the environment. 

* RWC Technologies is an authorized representative of Fluence Corporation Limited

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  • Low consumption technology that reduces capex and opex

  • Decentralized water treatment solutions packaged and pre-engineered for quick installation.

  • Tailor-made financing packages to finance water and wastewater treatment plants


MABR™ Technologies 

Currently installed and used in resorts, cruise ship docks, and industrial parks. 

  • High quality of effluents

  • Low operating and maintenance costs 

  • Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification

  • Low odor and noise

  • Energy efficiency

  • Flexibility and adaptability


Images courtesy of Fluence Corporation

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Contact us to learn more about our water treatment solutions  or request an appointment with our expert,  Ing. Robert Crowley

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